Setting Goals Gets MAXimum Results for Young Anglers

You’re never too young to know your calling and start setting goals for yourself, and Max Plemmons is proof of that. His dad and grandpa started teaching him about hunting and fishing at a very young age and he shot his first deer at six years old. Max continues to enjoy hunting recreationally, but Jeremy and Amanda Plemmons learned quickly that fishing was their son’s biggest passion – and they knew it was going to have a major impact on his life. 

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The Kentucky Surge in High-School Fishing Teams

Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills, Kentucky is known for its basketball and football teams, so when the school started a fishing club in 2018 no one could have anticipated the impact it would have on the lives of students.

“The main reason we started a fishing club was to give more students an opportunity to participate in something here at school,” said Robb Schneeman, Head Bass Fishing Coach at Covington Catholic.

In just eight years the extracurricular club evolved into a Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) sanctioned Varsity fishing team now producing members like Sam Scroggins who will be heading off to college on a fishing scholarship.

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My Father was Right: The NRA Youth Education Summit Would Change My Life

I was sitting in the living room when my father tossed a copy of the NRA magazine “American Rifleman” towards me and said definitively “You need to apply for this.” 

When the magazine landed in my lap, I saw an article about the Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S). It detailed an opportunity for students to spend a week with the National Rifle Association in Washington, D.C. learning about their programs while growing the organization’s leadership skills. My dad was insistent that this was going to be a formative experience that I would appreciate and cherish for the rest of my life. It would turn out that, as much as people my age often don’t want our parents to always be right, he was that time. My father had been a long-time member of the NRA, and prior to my experience at the Y.E.S, it was a passion we had not had an opportunity to bond over. The more I continued to investigate the program, the more I saw that it would both align with and challenge beliefs that I had, and I was excited by the opportunity.

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The Father’s Day Gift That Changed It All: The Story of JT Lamberth 

Who would have thought that one gift could help set the course for the rest of your life – especially if you aren’t even the recipient of that gift? That is what happened to JT Lamberth when he, his mom, and sister gifted his dad a Pelican 103 Jon boat for Father’s Day when he was only five years old. It started as some leisurely father-and-son quality time, then quickly progressed into something more. His uncle and grandfather saw that fire in JT at a young age, and then upgraded them to a boat that was a little more suitable for a budding angler. 

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